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Are you fascinated by the relative ease with which we often understand one another? Do you wonder whether there's more to communication than language? Try out this classroom version of the Tacit Communication Game, a two-player interactive platform used in studies of human mutual understanding abilities. Read the instructions, invite a friend, and solve a series of communicative challenges together here.



The goal is for you and your partner to reach a target configuration of your blue and yellow shapes on the game board. However, this target configuration is shown to only one of you, the sender of that round. As a SENDER, you must therefore "show" your partner where and how to position their shape, before reaching your own target position. As a RECEIVER, you must position your shape as deemed correct on the basis of your partner's movements. Feedback at the end will indicate whether or not you two reached the target configuration on that round.



Keyboard Press the SPACE BAR to start using your shape. The sender's shape always appears in the center. The receiver's shape appears in a random location. You can now use the ARROW and SHIFT keys to move and rotate. You can move your shape for a total of 10 seconds, or until you press the space bar a second time.